Retrofit, coming soon

Today i met with a client and he shared something with me. With Chase’s rates on a quick rise to the neighborhood of 4.29% for multi-family lending, he wanted to explore his options with other lenders and settled with East West Bank. As luck would have it, East West Bank is now requiring a hold […]

Renters drive real estate value

Millennials are now in the age range to consider purchasing a home, yet most are opting not to. With the last economic crash, a lot of millennials, who were first time homeowners, got foreclosed upon and lost their home. This makes them scared to enter the market. Ironically, The enactment of the dodd frank act […]

A Look at rent control

In many cities, rent control is enacted in order to preserve the city’s working class communities. Rents are so high that lower income workers are forced to move out. Like a wise man once said, The rents are too damn high! With rent control, many landlords have very little incentive to maintain their properties and […]