Money is a great servant and a terrible master

Can you win with money? Few people do. John Maxwell once said

  1. If you focus on making money, you’re materialistic.
  2. If you try to make it but don’t succeed, you’re a loser.
  3. If you make a lot but do not spend it, you’re a miser.
  4. If you make it and spend it, you’re a spendthrift.
  5. If you don’t care about making it, you’re not ambitious.
  6. If you make a lot and do not spend it by the time you die, you are a fool.

Which one are you? Which one do your friends think you are?

Individuals grow and gain different perspective and this leads to great conflicts. Let’s say you won a prize on the radio: a pair of sports tickets, worth $1,000, is it worth A)$1,000 to you or is it B)free? Assuming you love sports, would you go to the event or would you sell it? People and more often couples and families will get into arguments about these things and in the end, the only way to win with money is to hold it loosely, be generous with it to accomplish things of value.

Understand how you value money. Understand how the people around you value money. Let it be your servant not your master and make smart investment choices and personal decisions.


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