Becoming likeable

Today I went on a sales presentation with my partner and team leader. I am always amazed to see people truly great at their craft, because it shows me how much more opportunity I have towards learning and improving myself. When the prospect seller told us he was not going to sell anytime soon, I feel most people would get discouraged. Of course I felt a slight disappointment but did not show it. My partner, responded with this. “We are in this business of building relationships and helping people. I have been in this industry for 30 years and there are people I met 28 years ago that we still keep in touch though we have not done any business together. I appreciate you taking the time to meet with us today and when you are ready to sell, I hope for the opportunity to work with you to help you accomplish those goals. Even though you are not ready to sell right now, Is there anything that we can we help you with at this moment?” I could tell the owner was taken aback by this comment as he felt the sincerity that came through.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” -John Maxwell

Lesson 2. Be generous with your compliments. I found my partner took the time to compliment the owner whenever he could. “Let me tell you what I like… about this room. there’s a space for a table to use as a dining room and space to have a separate living room. You don’t see that in many apartments.” People have great pride in what they own and the more you compliment those items, they feel like you are complimenting them directly.

Lesson 3. Finding common grounds. Anytime the owner said something that my partner could connect with, he did. When the client said his son in law played for the bears, my partner automatically said “No kidding. I was actually born and raised in Chicago. I went to center high school” When the client said his son and daughter went to UCLA. I automatically responded that I also went to UCLA and added that I once saw Maurice Jones Drew and he was much larger in person than he seems on TV. Despite being shorter that his labeled stat. (This was related to a conversation we had about how large athletes are.) This makes them feel like the two of you have great commonalities and they’ll find you more likeable. People like people who are like themselves. I remember I once had a coworker who would pull this line. When someone walked into his open house, he would ask them what ethnicity they were. Whatever the people responded with, for example, let’s say Chinese, he would say “No Kidding my wife is also Chinese! Ni Hao!” I don’t believe in lying but it was a great subtle touch on building rapport with people by sharing that his nonexistent wife was the same ethnic group. He also memorized how to say hello in about 30 languages, so that made it a little more believable.

Lesson 4. Treat other people right. Even if you don’t need them now, you never know what the future holds. Even if you hate a person, don’t show it. During my cold calls, most people are rude to me. I respect that because I am the one intruding on their time. The ones that stand out are the ones who probably feel bothered but are very kind and treat me like a person. Every time /i have an opportunity, who do I call? The person who hung up on me mid sentence or the nice gentleman who gave me 10 seconds of his time, thanked me and sent me on my way? We’re in too much of a rush nowadays chasing deadlines. Slow down a bit, most things can wait. Life is full of deadlines and we will never be caught up in everything.



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