Who’s tree is it anyways?

Depending on perspective, trees can be beautiful providers of shade and life, or they can be a nuisance. Homeowners are often faced with an issue of overhanging branches from the neighbors and it can be quite troublesome to manage. Who’s job is it to take care of the tree? Here are a few scenarios that […]

Prop 60/90 tax incentives

If you or your spouse is 55 or older, there’s a chance you can downsize (or upsize) to a new property and carry over your current property tax basis. Prop 60/90 are both aimed at providing tax incentives to “senior citizens” aka 55 and older, which, in this day and age, should be referred to […]

Preliminary Title report

One of the most important documents to review is the preliminary title report, yet many agents do not bother to go over it with their clients and sometimes they do not even bother to read it. This report will show vesting, ownership, encumbrances against property and any related matter that could affect the title. It […]